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Yinhe Venus V-15

Galaxy Venus V-15 Table Tennis blade is a fast, smooth looping blade built in the same style as Japanese looping blades. If you play a high-level game of tactical blocks with put-away loops, then you can't go wrong here. This blade contains CarboKevlar in which each layer of cloth is made up of two fibers, the vertical is Carbon Fiber while the horizontal is made of Kevlar fibers. This gives the sweet-spot of carbon and enhances the feel of the ball.
₹ 3,490.00

Yinhe Venus V-16

According to Galaxy, they use the same kind of arylate-carbon in the K series as Butterfly does in their blades, and people also feels they play alike. It has very good feel, and feels soft, especially considering the carbon layers. Speed is probably somewhere between OFF to OFF+.
₹ 3,950.00

Yinhe Y-13 Table Tennis Blade

Yinhe Mercury Y-13 Table Tennis Blade is a fast offensive blade in the middle Off range. It is a 5 Ply + 2 Carbon Fiber blade with catapult effect and large sweet spot designed specially for topspin attackers.
₹ 1,550.00

Yinhe 05B

The Yinhe 05B Table Tennis Racket is true value for money! It comes with a top quality 5 ply Offensive wooden blade and two ITTF approved Yinhe Venus rubbers. The blade is constructed with one thick ply in the between 4 thinner plies, giving the it a solid feel. The handle is designed to fit comfortably in the hand. The racket weighs around 168g and is recommended for players who like to play aggressive.
₹ 1,650.00

Yinhe 08B

Yinhe / Galaxy 08B bat Yinhe / Galaxy 08B bat - blade with two professional rubbers . This racket has direct and fast carbon blade. 08B is a descent club racket that will take you to the victory. Forehand Rubber : Venus Backhand rubber : Venus Speed : 9 Spin : 8,5 Control : 7 Present : Bat cover Yinhe
₹ 1,950.00

Yinhe 01B Table Tennis Racket

The Yinhe Master Table Tennis Racket is every table tennis player's first choice! It comes with a top quality Yinhe all wood blade and Yinhe 9000 rubber on one side and very popular Venus/Mercury rubber on the other side. The blade is made of high quality 5 ply layered wood. The handle is designed to fit comfortably in the hand. The rubbers used are ITTF approved and good for quick attacks and loops. This racket weighs around 180g and is recommended players looking for spin and control in their shots. Blade: Yinhe 5 Ply All Wood Forehand: Yinhe 9000 Backhand: Yinhe Venus/Yinhe Mercury
₹ 1,590.00

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