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Yinhe Shiryu Ktana

Shiryu Katana is very spinny blade. You will be amazed with the spin and the feeling this blade offers. It is pretty elastic.The blade is suitable for topspinners from both wings. Speed : 9 Control : 10 Weight : 87g +/- 3 g Head Thickness :5.8 +/-0.2mm
₹ 3,350.00

Yinhe Single Table Tennis Bat Cover

Yinhe Rectangular Single Bat Cover is a high quality single stylish modern single cover to protect your racket. The inner surface of the cover has a slim foam padding that provides protection to your racket keeping it safe from external damage. The outer surface is made of polyester jacquard material that is tough and durable. The sides of the cover is made of shatterproof material that will absorb friction and keep your racket safe.
₹ 400.00

YINHE SP-17 Table Tennis Robot

Gross weight: 4.5 kg Net weight: 3.5 kg Package volume: 41*36*32CM Rated voltage: 100-240V Rated power: 36W The ball rotation: topspin backspin is not about side spin spin Ball out frequency: 40-70/ minutes Ball speed: 4-40M/S ? Big ball storage: 110 A ball: Taiwan is not fixed Can adjust the angle of the ball up and down Random adjustment of the left and right angle 1 new PANG HUI table tennis serving machine to configure the wired remote control to allow you to better operate the use of PANG HUI\’s various functions! You can have no need to leave the table. 2 the ball container is filled with table tennis balls, which can accommodate about 110 table tennis balls. 3 twist the rotary button, the modulation of the most suitable for their own spin ball. 4 to reverse the frequency of the button, the modulation of the most suitable for their frequency of service. 5 according to their own preferences, adjust the position of the machine. Frequency of the ball The frequency of the ball from left to right from the slow to fast adjustment Rotary ball control Different rotary files located in different spin of the stalls, modulation of different spin to the ball, Hui pang can let you according to their own needs, the modulation for their own spin to the ball. 1 spin – spin modulation is more than 2, 1 HUI PANG backspin, conveying the ball to spin out. 2 – 1 modulation topspin backspin, backspin is above 2, HUI PANG delivers the ball down spin out. 3 spin – spin spin for the same digital modulation, HUI PANG delivers the ball will not spin out straight. Multiple points out of the ball Swing frequency from left to right by slow to fast adjustment.
₹ 26,500.00

Yinhe T-11 Balsa Carbon Table Tennis Blade

A classic light and powerful 7 ply (5 + 2 carbon) blade for strong attacking strategies. The combination of balsa and carbon provides both lightness and strength along with a huge sweet spot for consistent stroke play. Available with flared handle. Loop and drive your way to success! Weight approx 65 – 70g.
₹ 2,599.00

Yinhe T1s blade

The combination of eucalyptus and carbon fiber structure has superior lethality and rich bottom strength. It is a good choice for fast break combined with arc.
₹ 2,675.00

Yinhe T2s blade

The T-2 S is a light, thin, fast carbon blade. This blade excels at the style of fast blocking and close to table drives. Strategy : Offensive Plies : 3 (Wood)+2(Carbon) Weight : 76+/-3 g Head Thickness : 6.4 +/-0.2mm
₹ 2,600.00

Yinhe T3s blade

₹ 2,750.00

Yinhe T4s blade

Yinhe Uniaxial Carbon blade T4s features 4 layers of uniaxial carbon. It is the fastest Yinhe blade. It is best for fast attackers and hitters. It is particularly great with pips out rubbers. The T4s is designed in Germany and is the upgraded version of T-4. The outer surface wood is cypress for better feel and touch.
₹ 2,950.00

Yinhe T7s blade

T-7s is one of the slowest composite blades of Ts series. It is stiff, light weight and with good control. The carbon Kevlar layers give enormous control and big sweet-spot. T-7s is a very good choice for all players looking for controlled attack and good block.
₹ 2,950.00

Yinhe T8s blade

The T-7 S and T-8 S breaks the Cypress and Carbon rule of the Galaxy "T" series and introduce "Arylate Carbon" blends. The T-8 plays faster than the Butterfly Maze and Timo Boll Spirit blades and is great for a high performance mixed distance play. Layers : 5 Wood, 2 Arylate Carbon Speed : 9.3 Control : 8.0 Weight : 87g
₹ 2,950.00

Yinhe T-9 touch

This blade is basically a T-11, but with carbon on only one side, with the expectation to use long-pips on the non-carbon side. This way there is a fast attack side and a slow chopping side.
₹ 2,975.00

Yinhe Table Tennis Backpack

Yinhe Player Backpack is a very practical and very lightweight backpack weighing about 500 g. The main compartment assures convenient placement of luggage (Racket, Shoe, Laptop), for which additional cushioning is used. On the back, it is made of breathable mesh and a contains a fairly large zip pocket. Also, in front there are two spacious pockets with zippers and two pockets for bottles on the sides. It is designed after 30 year commemoration of Yinhe and comes in Red or Navy colors. Dimensions of the backpack: 15 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm.
₹ 1,499.00

Yinhe Table Tennis Bat Cover

Yinhe Racket Shaped Cover is a Full bat shaped cover with ball pouch which can hold up to 2 balls. It is made of high quality polyester material and light cushioning which protects the racket from physical damage.
₹ 275.00

Yinhe Table Tennis Coach Bag

Yinhe Coach Bag is a small table tennis table tennis coach shoulder bag that holds all the essentials that a table tennis coach will need to carry for a tournament.
₹ 575.00

Yinhe Table Tennis Racket Case

Yinhe Columbia Hard Case is a Rectangular hard double bat case with Yinhe Logo on both sides. It was originally made for the Columbian National Team. The high quality hard case protects the racket from damages and keeps it safe. This case can hold two rackets and the new stylish design makes it even more valuable.
₹ 1,100.00

Yinhe Table Tennis Shoulder Bag

Yinhe Mini Table Tennis Shoulder Bag is a Comfortable and stylish handbag. It can hold a table tennis racket and essentials that a player requires. The size is 4 x 22 x 29 cm.
₹ 590.00

Yinhe Venus V-04 ZLC

The exciting new product "ZL-CARBON" has been developed as a result of an innovative technical approach which is a hybrid of previous versions of the racket blade. ZL-CARBON is superior to all other kinds of material. These blades join the Nano series blades in Galaxy's premium lineup, coming in a new series of amazing dark wood boxes.
₹ 6,625.00

Yinhe Venus V-12

The Galaxy Venus V-12 blade is the 2010 replacement for the Galaxy K-2 blade. This means that the V-12 is a fast, smooth looping blade built in the same style as Japanese looping blades. Slower, more controlled version of the V-11/K-1
₹ 2,825.00

Yinhe Venus V-13

The Galaxy Venus V-13 blade is the 2010 replacement for the Galaxy K-3 blade. Unlike the direct replacement that most V series blades are to the K series counterparts, the V-13 is thicker, lighter, and faster than the K-3. This moves it from being a control blade and makes it a close to table attack blade. The CarboKev fiber helps keep your flicks consistent, while the thicker construction keeps your blocks under control.
₹ 3,090.00

Yinhe Venus V-14

Yinhe Venus-14 is a very popular 7 ply offensive blade from Yinhe. This blade structure is 5 plies wood and two carbo-kevlar layers. Venus-14 is a well balanced offensive blade that is forgiving.
₹ 3,495.00

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