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Joola Chen Weixing Table Tennis Blade

Designed by Europe’s best defensive player, it is best suited to a variable and controlled chop defensive game. But also fast topspin shots, as played by Chen Weixing, are possible without any problem. The layers of black-cloth layers in the construction provide increased control. Headsize: 159x165mm Veneer 5+2 Layers Limba, Koto, Black-Cloth, Kiri Speed medium Control extra high Strategy DEF-/ALL
₹ 3,750.00

Joola Energy Table Tennis Rubber

With "GREEN POWER" a new rubber technology is introduced in which almost 100% of the possible increase in performance achieved by fresh glueing of high-performance rubbers is permanently incorporated. Trajectory, playing feeling and the all-important sound of fresh glueing are permanent features of this new product.
₹ 2,250.00

Joola Energy X-tra Table Tennis Rubber

The JOOLA energy X-tra is the next-stage development of the JOOLA energy, the alternative to speed glueing. The 37.5° soft sponge with the inclusive speed glue effect provides for even more spin and speed. It is especially suited to players who put emphasis on control of their strokes without giving up the advantages of speed glueing. Green Power – incorporated speed glueing effect ! Sponge soft Strategy DEF extreme/OFF extreme Speed fast Spin extra high Control extra high Hardness 37.5°
₹ 2,450.00

Joola Maxxx-P Table Tennis Rubber

The new GeoGrip-Power-Technology with the even more intense friction surface is ideal in connection with the special pimple arrangement and the large macropore structure of the sponge for perfect topspin balls at the highest speed. These characteristics come to be an advantage especially when playing with the new Poly-ball. Speed: 117 Spin: 120 Control: 80 Hardness: 42.5°
₹ 3,100.00

Joola Rhyzm-P Table Tennis Rubber

Joola Rhyzm P has an in-built GeoGrip-Power-Technology which develops significantly more grip of the ball for more spin due to an intense friction surface structure. The focus fell on development and improvement of the sponge up until now, whereas here a much improved rubber surface has been precisely worked upon. This has leaded to the rubber having substantially more grip, with which not only more spin can be generated, but also better control and the durability is improved. Ideal also for use with the new Poly-ball.
₹ 3,100.00

Joola Rosskopf Emotion Table Tennis Blade

The carbon fibre core of the blade creates an enhanced sweet spot which results in excellent control. In comparison with other blades with carbon core, the JOOLA rossi emotion impresses with a relatively soft feel and a high trajectory, due to the specially selected Hinoki surface. The blade offers the best possible balance between feeling in passive and speed in active play. Veneer 5+2 Layers Hinoki, Koto, Carbon, Ayous Speed fast Control high Strategy ALL/OF extreme Technology CARBON
₹ 5,600.00

Joola X-plode Table Tennis Rubber

Medium-high throw angle perfect for aggressive mid-distance game. Since the banning of speed glue, JOOLA Express with incorporated speed glue effect caused a sensation among players, who were seeking an alternative for speed glue. X-Plode introduces a special version of Express: with a porous, denser sponge and a spinnier topsheet. Strategy: ALL / OFF extreme Speed: 97 Spin: 95 Control: 85 Hardness: 47.5
₹ 2,495.00

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