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ANDRO Glue Turbo Fix 50 ml

Water-based glue without VOCs. Includes clip tool for application + 15 sponges. Made in Germany
₹ 1,090.00

Andro Hexer Duro

HEXER Duro is designed for all players who demand from their rubber strong spin and speed characteristics combined with very good durability. The 100% natural caoutchouc upper layer and the medium-hard sponge in HEXER technology give access to a very broad range of strokes: the sticky upper layer provides a prolonged ball contact time – thus the player leads the ball longer and experiences more control during passive as well as during active strokes. The highly developed endurance enables a later change of rubbers which is comfortable and economic. LONGLASTING PERFORMANCE
₹ 2,550.00

Andro INZIO Off Table Tennis Blade

Andro Baseline builds the perfect basis for a successful training. High-quality veneers cause stable playing characteristics which focus on control and well-balanced speed. An important role plays the five-ply blade-construction that leads to a suitable ball feedback and excellent feeling. Kids also take advantage from the nice handling which sets no limits to the player's freedom of movement. Excellent price-performance-ratio.
₹ 1,850.00

Andro® Hexer + Table Tennis Rubber

Are you looking for a rubber whose strength is comfortable ball feedback? Whose speed consistently puts pressure on your opponent and adds unimagined precision to your game? Then go for HEXER+! The new recipe of the upper layer combined with the progressive pips geometry gives HEXER+ a strong trampoline effect and a comfortable flat ball rebound angle. Thus the ball can faster make its way to the target – this enables the player to generate more pace while less energy is needed (PACE PERFORMANCE). The HEXER-sponge of the fourth TENSOR-generation provides the dynamics you search for and strokes from all table distances will be routine. For players whose own versatility is their key to success.
₹ 2,750.00

Andro® Hexer HD Table Tennis Rubber

Modern table tennis is becoming more complex day by day. To enable you to keep step with new trends, we designed andro Hexer HD. During the development of this fourth generation TENSOR BIOS rubber we focused on the factor precision. The progressive, spinny surface structure gives you the feeling of leading the ball for a longer time during the stroke and bringing the ball to its target point. Topspins and counterspins on highest possible level hitting the target precisely (High Definition Performance) will become an important part of your repertoire. The powerful catapult and speed gluing effect for which TENSOR BIOS rubbers are famous for provides Hexer HD with the certain power so that you do not miss speed and feedback. Extend your game with the factor precision – discover Hexer HD!
₹ 2,500.00

Andro® Hexer Pips + Table Tennis Rubber

The unique feature of this counter active short pimpled out rubber is the option to choose between the length-ways or cross-ways pimple geometry for a purposeful outcome in your style of play.
₹ 2,500.00

Andro® Hexer Pips Force Table Tennis Rubber

Force stands synonymically for energy and strength. Providing a high bandwidth for offensive action your opponents will be forced to play just an underpart in the game. The medium sponge, based on the latest HEXER technology, gets across a maximum of control, whereas the typical HEXER Pips ball jump will lead you to success. The protected 0/90-technology allows you to choose HEXER Pips Force according to your playing system. Lengthwise for more speed and vigour, crosswise for more control when blocking. For those seeing their own many-sidedness as the key to success!
₹ 2,500.00

Andro® Hexer Powersponge Table Tennis Rubber

In the vanguard of innovation: Optimize your game and enlarge your personal success factor! HEXER Powersponge – make it sound! Thanks to this HEXER version also players with preference for soft rubbers and sensational speed glue sound (SOUND PERFORMANCE) can benefit from the advantages of the fourth Tensor generation. The in-bound rotation energy is absorbed by the rubber and immediately gets transferred to active out-bound energy. The soft Powersponge generously forgives slight mistakes regarding optimum ball hitting area resulting in outstanding control characteristics. The excellent ball feedback provides additional confidence while hitting the ball. For players of all levels wanting to experience speed and loud sound sensation without missing control!
₹ 2,650.00

Andro® Rasanter R37 Table Tennis Rubber

Rasanter R37 is by far the softest and most controllable of the rubber series. The soft sponge brings about a high degree of dwell time to allow a player to block, push, and loop with proper placement. This rubber is a reasonable choice for lower level player developing their stokes or even for top level allround player with a strong preference for soft rubbers.
₹ 2,650.00

Andro® Rasanter R42 Table Tennis Rubber

The Rasanter R42 has undergone the most intensive and groundbreaking development ever attempted with a German rubber. The goal was to develop a future-oriented rubber technology, which allows all ambitious and technically skilled players to compensate for the physical disadvantages of the 40 + ball as best as possible. The rubber surface of the RASANTER compensates for the rotational disadvantages of the 40 + ball, while the ultra-thick sponge increases the catapult effect and compensates for the lower speed of the cell free ball. This rubber is for Advanced to High level players. The medium 42° sponge stays soft enough for spins, while adding in a fair amount of speed.
₹ 3,350.00

Andro® Rasanter R47 Table Tennis Rubber

Rasanter R47 is perfect for players who choose spin driven, offensive topspin play at high speed. As a high level player you will take full advantage of the 47° sponge hardness for extra power and speed in your topspin play. Be equipped to perform topspins with a precise curved trajectory and to be creative in the semi-distance play as well. Spin is the key and you will be inspired by the extremely curved trajectory of your topspin even at moderate speed.
₹ 3,350.00

Andro® Rasanter R50 Table Tennis Rubber

The hardest and most powerful rubber of the Rasanter series. R50, despite having a hard sponge, can still produce high levels of spin without letting its speed interfere. Due to its hard nature, this rubber excels at brushing strokes. Though fast, especially on higher end strokes, it is not inherently bouncy relatively speaking allowing the necessary dwell time to stroke with power. Ultimately, this is a rubber for advanced level play.
₹ 3,350.00

Andro® Rasanter V42 Table Tennis Rubber

The Rasanter V42, though similar is style to the V47 is a bit softer and more controllable. It is focused on being able to drive and loop drive but provides a few extra notches of control especially on counter loops. An excellent choice for players who like to block and flat hit quickly while still making sure that they have the degree of control necessary to make sure the ball lands on the other side of the table
₹ 3,250.00

Andro® Rasanter V47 Table Tennis Rubber

The Rasanter V47 is an extremely fast rubber focused on helping fast attack driving player do exactly that. Though still capable of producing great spin, V47 excels at driving and loop driving at close to the table while still being able to yield piercing counterloops when at a distance. This is an advanced rubber for proficient attackers with a killer mentality.
₹ 3,250.00

Andro Rasanter R53 Table Tennis Rubber

Your game is powered by maximum spin and high dynamics. You want the point. By all means. Break with conventions, use the strengths of the andro ENERGY CELL technology: more power with hard topspins and game openings on backspin, high dynamics and longer ball contact time to be felt. The andro ENERGY CELL sponge with highly elastic cell structure ensures an extremely dynamic energy transfer, especially for fast and hard topspins. The 53 ° sponge provides immediate feedback on ideal ball contact. You will be surprised how soft 53 ° can feel like. The R rubber surface for maximum rotation gains additively more impact through the ENERGY CELL sponge.
₹ 3,850.00

Andro Good Table Tennis Rubber

Andro GOOD! is a classic rubber with incredible feeling and a lot of control. The medium hardness sponge offers excellent balance of speed and feel for the ball.This rubbers allows for consistent blocks and counters. Andro GOOD! is a rubber that gets the job done and puts the ball on the table.
₹ 1,590.00

Andro Blowfish

Already after short adaptation time, the short pimples of the BLOWFISH are your weapon to set every opponent under pressure. The new type, aggressive pimple design successfully creates topspins as well as effective block and counterattacking strokes. In combination with the innovative TENSOR technology, BLOWFISH thrills by an output of speed, not yet experienced with short pimple rubbers. Furthermore, the feelingly soft sponge causes utmost sensibility, ball contact feedback and control. As a result, your performance is accompanied by a huge variety and is extremely unpredictable for your rival. Soft, fast + variable!
₹ 2,990.00

Andro Free Clean Rubber Cleaner Combo

Andro Free Clean comes in a spray bottle containing 100 ml of Tibhar Grip VOC-free cleaning liquid. The regular use of Andro rubber cleaner increases the life expectancy of your rubber. After each cleaning dust and perspiration are removed gently from the rubber surface, keeping the adherence of your rubber intact. The cleaner comes with a sponge attached on the top of the bottle which will help apply the liquid and wipe off the dust from the rubbers.
₹ 599.00

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