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Derwind Stolz Table Tennis Rubber

Stolz is specifically designed for the backhand of Asian table tennis players. It is made of solid , High density sponge with medium-sized pores combined with a high friction top sheet. This sandwich rubber can help players to get rid of the feeling of discomfort caused by the higher frictional force of the new plastic ball and makes storkes more powerful and rapid. It meets the special requirements of Asian players for a more subtle feeling on the backhand side .
₹ 1,850.00

Derwind Rayhe Table Tennis Rubber

This kind of sandwich rubber is firstly made for the new era, it is specially designed for fibreboard The new developed large pores sponge is used with BIOS rubber that is very suitable for forehand players. This rubber is strong but yet flexible, balls can touch the bat powerfully, and the maximal efficacy and blade can be played out . It is suitable for the players who have expansive movements and sufficient strength .
₹ 1,850.00