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Nittaku Blade Sealing Racket Protect 30 ml

This is used to seal the blade to prevent splinter when removing the rubbers off the racket. 30 ml Made in Japan. How to use: Apply thin layer and let the blade dry for 15 minutes. Polish the surface of the blade with dry cloth. Glue the rubber to the blade.
₹ 1,390.00

Nittaku Fastarc G-1

The Nittaku Fastarc G-1 rubber is "Fast" with an "Arc"! A power topsheet with a built-in tension power sponge produces the ideal combination of ball speed and ball arc -- an outstanding powerful spin ball. G-1 means "Grip First" and S-1 means "Speed First" Choose Fastarc G-1 for more spin with great power, and choose Fastarc S-1 for more speed with great spin. Speed: 95 Spin: 96 Control: 68 Hardness: Medium-Hard
₹ 3,190.00

Nittaku Moristo SP

The fantastic rubber that pips-out players have been waiting for! Now the high-tension performance qualities of the smooth Moristo rubbers are available in short pips. Super-elasticity enables swift attack and amazing block. Used by Japanese young super star Mima Ito.
₹ 2,990.00